Warm-ups will be posted on Monday of every week and will be completed live during your groups training sessions. Please make sure you have all of the necessary equipment ready before your session begins. Please complete this warm-up once a day from Monday to Friday each week.

Please send one photo of yourself completing the warm-up each day to swolf@tennisnb.net. Photos will be shared on social media to inspire others to get involved and stay strong!



5 minute physical warm-up (Activation, Mobility/stretching, Re-activation)

7 minute match style warm up (**count total shots that cross net)

5 minutes overhand football throws. (2mins high/2min medium/2mins low)

Watch this:

Then complete this:

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You can also install the app on your mobile device by searching for ‘zoom’ in the App Store.

**Remember once you have registered you will need to give Steve Wolf the email address that you used to register to be added to your group.


Steve Wolf (Club Pro 2, Coach 2)


Anye Cheng (11)
Raktika Galwa (11)
Jolee Loveridge (11)
Xavier Daigle (8)
Riley Binnette (11)
Olivia Higgins (1)
Olivia Larsen (11)
Rachel Schmidt (11)
Vanya Virmani (8)
James Farhoud (10)
Finn Mcmorran (11)
Callum Mcmorran (11)
Ben Hamilton (11)
Matthew Higgins (10)
Cade Nadeau (10)
Jeff Bodner (4)