After 3 days of great tennis and weather at the National Bank NB Open in Rothesay the following are the final results:

Men’s Singles:

Final: Evan McNicol (Vancouver) def. Phil Anderson (Halifax) 6/2, 6/2

Semi Finals:  Evan McNicol def. Hielke Moore (Fredericton) 6/2, 6/2

Semi Finals:  Phil Anderson def. Luke Saunders (Halifax) 6/3, 6/1

Ladies Singles:

Final: Melika LeBlanc (Moncton) def. Michelle Zarei (Moncton) 6/2, 6/0

Semi Finals:  Melika LeBlanc (Moncton) def. Anna Nicolela (Halifax) 6/3, 6/2

Semi Finals:  Michelle Zarei (Quispamsis) def. Isobel Anderson (Halifax) 6/0, 6/0

Men’s Doubles:

Final:  Phil Anderson (Halifax) & Luke Saunders (Halifax) def. Hielke Moore (Fredericton) & Jonathan Gaunce (Halifax) 6/4, 7/5

Semi Finals:  Phil Anderson (Halifax) & Luke Saunders (Halifax) def. Marc Pepin (Fredericton) & Alexandre Drouin (Moncton) 6/0, 6/1

Semi Finals:  Hielke Moore (Fredericton) & Jonathan Gaunce (Halifax) def. John Oxner (Halifax) & Duncan Addison (Halifax) 6/0, 7/5

Ladies Doubles:

Final:  Darah Ross (Halifax) & Emma McShane (Halifax) def. Helen Li (Charlottetown) & Cincy Chen (Charlottetown) 6/2, 6/0

Semi Finals:  Darah Ross (Halifax) & Emma McShane (Halifax) def. Caroline Asimakos (Saint John) & Sophie Cameron-Howe (Fredericton) 6/1, 6/3

Semi Finals:  Helen Li (Charlottetown) & Cincy Chen (Charlottetown) def. Hilary Brock (Rothesay) & Sarah Barnes (Rothesay) 6/1, 6/0

Mixed Doubles:

Final:  Anna Nicolela (Halifax) & Evan McNicol (Vancouver) def. Melika LeBlanc (Moncton) & Duncan Addison (Halifax) 6/2, 7/6

Semi Finals:  Anna Nicolela (Halifax) & Evan McNicol (Vancouver) def. Michelle Zarei (Moncton) & Sathe Zarei (Moncton) 6/0, 6/2

Semi Finals:  Melika LeBlanc (Moncton) & Duncan Addison (Halifax) def. Emma McShane (Halifax) & Marc Pepin (Fredericton)6/2, 6/1

Thanks to the Rothesay Tennis Club for hosting play this weekend, to Abby & Steve Northrup for organizing things at the club, and to the staff for helping all weekend.