Christmas Masters & Open – December 16-18, 2023
Abony Family Tennis Center (596 Knowledge Park Drive)
All main draw matches are best 2 of 3 sets with all 3rd sets being 10 point super tiebreakers.
Consolation matches are pro sets to 8 games with 7 point tiebreaker at 7 games all.
There will be consolation for all draws except round robins; most of these will be scheduled for Sunday.
Please be on time for your matches and 5 minute warm ups.

Friday, December 16
All times are approximate except for the first round of the day.
6:00 pm
Anson Fung vs. Adam Spray (MOS)
Zian Chen vs. Vinh Cookson (MOS)
Rose Arsenault vs. Rickilee MacLeod (LOS)
Felix Dobrovolskiy vs. Tim Smith (4.0MS)
7:15 pm
Mario Doucette vs. John Jarrett (60+MS)
Stephen Hunter vs. Gerald Goodine (60+MS)
7:30 pm
David Dickinson vs. Doug Cochrane (60+MS)
Paul LeClair vs. Tony McLean (60+MS)
Don Zhang vs. Pierre Martin (4.0MS)
7:45 pm
Alex Roberts vs. Zian Chen (4.0MS)

Saturday, December 17
All times are approximate except for the first round of the day.
12:30 pm
Alex Drouin vs. Sebastien Dugas-Ruest (MOS)
Dax Phillips vs. Winner Chen/Cookson (MOS)
Matthew Godin vs. Winner Fung/Spray (MOS)
Bishop/Wang vs. Roberts/Zhang (MOD)
1:45 pm
Rob Thompson vs. James Farhoud-Watt (MOS)
Watt/Farhoud vs. Newman/Saulis (40+MX)
2:00 pm
Downe/Goggin vs. Cochrane/Hunter (60+MD)
Hicks/Hicks vs. McLean/Arsenault (60+MX)
3:00 pm
Cookson/Cookson vs. Janes/Janes (40+MX)
David Dickinson vs. Lee Bishop (45+MS)
3:15 pm
Howe/Ryan vs. Sutherland/Slipp (60+MX)
Winner Zhang/Martin vs. Winner Roberts/Chen (4.0MS)
4:15 pm
Sebastien Dugas-Ruest vs. Winner Smith/Dobrovolskiy (4.0MS)
Rickilee MacLeod vs. Samira Farhoud (LOS)
4:30 pm
Winner Doucette/Jarrett vs. Winner Hunter/Goodine (60+MS)
Winner LeClair/McLean vs. Winner Dickinson/Cochrane (60+MS)
5:30 pm
MOD Semi
MOD Semi
5:45 pm
Appleby/Whyte vs. Slipp/Ryan (LOD)
Arsenault/LeClair vs. Cookson/MacLeod (LOD)
6:45 pm
Mario Doucette vs. Carey Watt (45+MS)
Goodine/Hicks vs. Cochrane/Hunter (60+MD)
7:00 pm
Tim Smith vs. Winner Dickinson/Bishop (45+MS)
7:30 pm
MOS Semi
MOS Semi
7:45 pm
MOS Consolation
MOS Consolation