The following are the final results from the Sussex Junior tennis tournament held this past weekend:

Under 16 Boys Singles: William McKay (England) def. Xavier Daigle (Fredericton) 6/1, 6/0

Under 14 Girls Singles: Emma Brisson (Montreal) def. Maggie Foisy (Fredericton) 6/0, 6/2

Under 14 Boys Singles: Samuel Brisson (Montreal) def. Parker Travis (Sussex) 6/3, 6/1

Under 12 Girls Singles: Maggie Foisy (Fredericton) def. Anvitha Mahadevaswamy (Fredericton) 6/0, 6/0

Under 12 Boys Singles: Samuel Brisson (Montreal) def. Rafael Chiasson (Moncton) 6/1, 6/4

Under 10 Girls Singles: Anvitha Mahadevaswamy (Fredericton) def. Sophia Pavlovska (Dieppe) 4/0, 4/0

Under 10 Boys Singles: Conan Zhang (Halifax) def. Joshua Yin (Fredericton) 4/1, 4/2