Quality Standards/Team Tennis/LTP Workshop

Workshop Info:
Rothesay Tennis Club
Sunday, June 2, 2019
9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Presenters: Rufus Nel & Steve Wolf

Who is this workshop for?
All instructors wishing to do professional development, any club leaders/volunteers wanting to
know what is expected from your summer club coaches, as well as any parents wanting to help
volunteer at the local courts or perhaps wanting to help their own kid’s play tennis.
This interactive on court workshop will help you deliver a successful kids summer tennis
program using Tennis Canada’s Quality Standards, Team Tennis and the Learn to Play
All are welcome, no cost to attend.

What is Quality Standards (QS)?
Quality Standards for Kids Tennis aims to raise the quality and consistency of children’s tennis
programs to provide safe environments and positive experiences that promote life-long

Team Tennis
Team Tennis provides participants with the opportunity to combine practice and play, with a
focus on skill development through match play.

Learn To Play (LTP)
In this section participants will learn how to unfold a basic kid’s tennis program using the Learn
to Play Program. The program is designed to allow leaders to deliver effective lessons suited to
all stages of development and understand how to incorporate and deliver Quality Standards into
your kids programs.