Good Morning All,

It is with much regret that after consultation with my support network and our host clubs for this weekend, that due to the unfortunate forecast for weather, the decision has been made to postpone the East Coast Open & Atlantic Masters events until next weekend July 5 – 7, 2019. The ATA 4* circuit event will still take place this weekend as scheduled but will be moved to the indoor courts in Fredericton. This may not be a popular decision for some but I think it is the logical sensible thing at this point. So please note the following details that you need to respond to:

For the Juniors; if you are not willing to travel to the event in Fredericton, you can withdraw and will be refunded your registration. You have until 6pm today to make this decision. Play will start in Fredericton on Friday at noon on 2 or 3 courts depending on availability and later in the afternoon on Friday we will have all 6 courts for the remainder of the weekend. If you were in an open division and want to move yourself into another junior division, you need to let me know by 6pm. The draws and schedule will be done tonight/tomorrow morning and sent out and posted.

For the Open & Masters: if you would like to have your registration moved to next weekend (the 5-7th) please let me know. Note however that this will be a 3 DAY event and if you wish to play in 3 divisions, you must be available to play on Friday. Do not put messages saying you can’t play on Friday and still sign up for 3 events. If you do not wish to play next weekend, let me know and I will remove you and you will be refunded your registration. THE DEADLINE TO DO THIS WILL BE TUESDAY, JULY 2 AT 11:59 PM

Sorry but this is the best decision at this time and we are not cancelling the weekend but instead are re-scheduling so everyone may still have the opportunity to play. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Mark Thibault
Executive Director, Tennis NB