Tennis New Brunswick held their first ever indoor Future Stars tournament in Fredericton on Saturday at the Abony Family Tennis Center.  26 children, aged 5 to 10, took part in the one day event with play in 3 different divisions based on age and skill level.  Divisions included:  Red Ball, Orange Ball, and Green Ball; with each division using modified court sizes, balls, and scoring formats.  Play took place using round robin format and the following are the top 2 finishers in each of the pools:  Red Ball Pool A: Anye Cheng 2/1, Daryan Schaefer 2/1:  Red Ball Pool B: Joshua Gwathmey 3/0, Dexter Scott 2/1;  Orange Ball Pool A: Jonathan Howey 4/0, James Gwathmey 3/1;  Orange Ball  Pool B:  Teddy Worley 4/0, Callum McMorran 3/1;  Green Ball Pool A: Mia Bennett 3/0, Finn McMorran 2/1;  Green Ball Pool B:  Matthew Bennett 3/0, Gabriel Lacroix 2/1.  This was the first of 5 events to be held throughout the winter with the next event taking place on Saturday, December 12.