Dear Competitor/Parent,

The purpose of this document is to make you aware of the changes in Rogers Rankings for Junior players across Canada which will come in effect on January 1, 2017. These changes have been made in conjunction with all the Provincial Tennis Associations. The two significant changes are as follows:

  1. Change in the Ranking Point Allocation across the various age categories – Research over a 3 year period indicates that male players in lower age categories (for eg. BU12’s and BU14’s) are ranked higher in the higher age categories than what their level merits. The cause of this is that players are earning a disproportionate amount of points in the lower age category tournaments which inflates their overall Ranking.

The opposite has been identified in the female players where in the lower age categories (for eg. GU12’s and GU14’s) the players are not obtaining enough points than what their level merits.

Ranking Change – The new Ranking Points will have more separation in the ranking point relationship in the boys and less separation in the girls. The table below outlines the new values which will come into effect from 1st Jan 2017.

Age Categories U12 U14 U16 U18
Current Points in Rogers Ranking (Nationals) 1000 3000 6000 10000
New Points as of 1st Jan 2017 (Nationals) 700 2100 5200  10000
Age Categories U12 U14 U16 U18
Current Points in Rogers Ranking (Nationals) 1200 3000 6800 10000
New Points as of 1st Jan 2017 (Nationals) 1400 3600 7400  10000


  1. Change in allocation of Base Points for all Provinces – Provincial Strength Factor (PSF) is the measure of strength that is applied to each Province/Region relative to the strength of the Nationals. It determines the amount of points that are given to a Province/Region for their Provincial/Regional Championship and then ultimately for all the points for all events in their competitive structure. It is calculated annually and is based on a fixed component and a variable component (which is based on a 3 year rolling period based on a provinces results at junior nationals). The current value of the fixed component is 10% and the variable component is 90%.

Research from the last 3 years indicates that the fixed component of 10% is significantly higher than what it should be.

Ranking Change – This fixed component will be reduced from the current 10% to 5% with effect from 1st Jan 2017. The variable component will also be changed to 95% to ensure that the total remains at 100%.

  1. Special Process for the Atlantic and Prairie Indoor Championships – The above changes may cause an anomaly in the selection process for the Indoor Atlantic and Prairie Championships as outlined below.

Issue – Ranking points available to the players starting in 2017 will not be consistent with what were available in 2016. For example a BU14 Atlantic player who won a selection/4 Star event in 2016 received 182 points. In contrast a BU14 player who wins at the same selection/4 Star event in Jan 2017 will only receive 63 points.

Thus, 4Star/3Star events held in 2016 will have a higher weighting than the same level events in 2017 creating a situation where it becomes substantially difficult for a player who is lower in the Rankings to catch up with the higher ranked players regardless of how well they perform in the 2017 winter season.

Ranking Change – To mitigate the above issue all the 2017 tournaments leading up to the Indoor Selection Process (5 Atlantic 4Star events and 2 Prairie Junior Tour indoor events in 2017) will be processed for Rankings using the old 2016 points table. This will ensure that all selection events held in Jan-Feb 2017 will be valued at the same level of points as in 2016, thus ensuring that all players have a fair chance of selection for the indoor Atlantic/Prairie Provincial Championships. This will also ensure that the Rogers Ranking will continue to be the source from which decisions will be made as previously communicated by the respective PTA’s.

Once the selection process has been completed for the indoor provincials all these 7 tournaments (5 Atlantic Indoor events and 2 Prairie indoor events) will be reprocessed using the new 2017 Ranking table, thus ensuring that the selection process for the 2017 outdoor provincials is also consistent. This will also ensure that Rogers Ranking will be consistent and accurate across the country. Please note that once these 7 tournaments have been reprocessed using the new 2017 ranking points the players “National Ranking” will go down as the point value in 2017 will be lesser than the point value in 2016.