2021 $5,000 NB Open Championships
July 30 – August1, 2021
Rothesay Tennis Club (4 Tennis Court Road, Rothesay, NB)
NB Open Prize Payouts:
Men’s Singles Champion: $1,300
Men’s Singles Runner-Up: $700.
Men’s Singles Semi-Finalists: $350
Men’s Singles Quarter-Finalists: $100
Men’s Singles Consolation Winner: $100
Men’s Doubles Champions: $1,000 (per team)
Men’s Doubles Runners-Up: $500 (per team)
Ladies Singles Champion: $150 (winner only)
Mixed Doubles Champions: $150 (per team) (winners only)
All seeding for men’s singles and doubles based solely on National ranking.
All main draw matches are best 2 of 3 sets with all 3rd sets being 10 point super tiebreakers.
All consolation matches are 8 game pro sets with 7 point tiebreaker at 7 games all.
5 minute warm up and 15 minute default rules in effect.

Schedule of Play: Friday, July 30
1:00 pm
Noah Porter vs. John Asimakos (MOS)
Darko Milosevic vs. Jeff Bodner (MOS)
Pat Lyons vs. Peter Asimakos (MOS)
Brian Gallant vs. James Farhoud-Watt (MOS)
2:15 pm
Gryffin Minor vs. Prayag Shah (MOS)
Samuel Minor vs. Remy Goguen (MOS)
2:30 pm
Finn McMorran vs. Jonathan Gaunce (MOS)
Pierre Gallant vs. John McNicol (MOS)
Satyam Verma vs. Matthew Higgins (MOS)
Cade Nadeau vs. Alexander Comeau (MOS)
4:00 pm
Mathieu Landry vs. Frederic Busseau (MOS)
Luke Saunders vs. Cameron Montgomery (MOS)
5:15 pm
Adam Spray vs. Michael Oxner (MOS)
Evan McNicol vs. Winner Lyons/Asimakos (MOS)
5:30 pm
Winner Gallant/McNicol vs. Winner Goguen/Minor (MOS)
Winner Nadeau/Comeau vs. Winner Verma/Higgins (MOS)
6:30 pm
Winner Minor/Shah vs. Winner McMorran/Gaunce (MOS)
Winner Saunders/Montgomery vs. Winner Gallant/Farhoud-Watt (MOS)
6:45 pm
Winner Milosevic/Bodner vs. Winner Landry/Busseau (MOS)
Niels Van Noord vs. Winner Porter/Asimakos (MOS)
7:30 pm
Phil Anderson vs. Winner Spray/Oxner (MOS)
8:15 pm
Goguen/Landry vs. Comeau/Minor (MOD)
Lyons/Olsen vs. Montgomery/Vance (MOD)
Karatzios/Morrison vs. Minor/Nadeau (MOD)

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FOR SATURDAY: first few rounds assuming all matches get played on Friday
9:00 am
MOS Consolation Match
MOS Consolation Match
MOS Consolation Match
MOS Consolation Match
10:15 am
MOS Quarter Final
MOS Quarter Final
MOS Quarter Final
MOS Quarter Final
11:30 am
Maggie Chong vs. Raktika Galwa (LOS)
Seely/Fox vs. Farhoud-Watt/Virmani (MX)
12:45 pm
MOD Quarter Final
MOD Quarter Final
1:00 pm
MOD Quarter Final
MOD Quarter Final
2:00 pm
MOS Consolation
MOS Consolation
2:45 pm
Maggie Chong vs. Vanya Virmani (LOS)
McMorran/Galwa vs. Asimakos/Asimakos (MX)