The following are the results from the 74thedition of the New Brunswick Open Tennis Championships held at the beautiful Rothesay Tennis Club this past weekend:

Men’s Open Singles:  Niels van Noord (Hudson, QC) def. Evan McNicol (Halifax) 0/6, 6/3, 6/1

Ladies Open Singles:  Maggie Chong (Charlottetown) def. Vanya Virmani (Fredericton) 6/1, 6/3

Men’s Open Doubles:  Luke Saunders (Halifax) & Phil Anderson (Halifax) def. Evan McNicol (Halifax) & Jon Gaunce (Halifax) 6/3, 1/6, 10/5

Mixed Open Doubles:  Dave Seely (Rothesay) & Jen Fox (Rothesay) def. Finn McMorran (Fredericton) & Raktika Galwa (Fredericton) 6/4, 6/4