National Bank Rothesay Masters

July 16 & 17, 2016

Rothesay Tennis Club (Tennis Court Road)

Club Phone: 506-849-6044

Notes:  All matches are best 2 of 3 sets with ALL 3rd sets being 10 point super tiebreakers.  Lunch will be provided on Saturday.  Rothesay staff will be running the tournament (Thibault is in Truro running the Outdoor Junior Atlantic Championships)

National Bank Rothesay Masters

Day 2 Schedule:  Sunday, July 17

9:00 am

Men’s 30+ Singles Final

Michelle Zarei vs. Maryani Lesmana (30+LS)

Men’s 45+ Singles Final

Ladies 45+ Singles Final


Men’s 60+ Singles Final

Izzard/Izzard vs. Turnbull/Barnes (50+MX)


Drouin/Ricketts vs. Sutherland/Affandi (30+MD)

40+ Men’s Doubles Final


30+ Mixed Doubles Final

40+ Ladies Doubles Final

Sutherland/Beaulieu vs. Corcoran/Sweet (45+MX)

Izzard/Izzard vs. Brown/Brown (60+MX)