The following are the event winners from this past weekend’s successful National Bank East Coast Open tournament held in Greater Moncton:

Men’s Open Singles:  Phil Anderson, NS

Ladies Open Singles:  Maryani Lesmana, NB

Men’s Open Doubles:  Duncan Addison, NS & John Oxner, NS

Ladies Open Doubles:  Rita Brown, NB & Michelle Zarei, NB

Mixed Open Doubles:  Alex Lavoie, NB & Dianne Lavoie, NB

Men’s 4.0 Singles:  Christian Lanteigne, NB

Men’s 40+ Singles:  Glenn Cleland, NB

Ladies 40+ Singles:  Susie Oxner, NS

Men’s 40+ Doubles:  Sid MacIsaac, NS & Robert Adams, NS

Ladies 40+ Doubles:  Maryani Lesmana, NB & Jane Richards, NS

Mixed 40+ Doubles:  Don Cameron, NS & Jane Richards, NS

Ladies 50+ Singles:  Sandy Mackie, NS

Mixed 50+ Doubles:  Jim Piggott, NS & Sandy Mackie, NS

Men’s 55+ Singles:  Jim Piggott, NS

Ladies 55+ Singles:  Tish Dunn, NS

Ladies 55+ Doubles:  Linda Dodds, NS & Barb Hughes, NS

Men’s 60+ Singles:  Peter Rockwell, NS

Ladies 60+ Singles:  Raymonde Breau, NB

Men’s 60+ Doubles:  Reg Caulfield, NB & Roger Caulfield, NS

Mixed 60+ Doubles:  Brian Arseneault, NS & Barb Hughes, NS

Men’s 65+ Singles:  Camille Vautour, NB

Under 9 Boys Singles:  Everett Orlik, NS

Under 10 Boys Singles:  Matthew Bennett, NB

Under 12 Boys Singles:  Rogan Betts, NL

Under 14 Boys Singles:  Rogan Betts, NL

Under 16 Boys Singles:  Nabeel Kahwash, NS

Under 18 Boys Singles:  John Oxner, NS

Under 10 Girls Singles:  Zarah David, NS

Under 12 Girls Singles:  Isabella Baker, NS

Under 14 Girls Singles:  Rachael Phelan, PEI

Under 16 Girls Singles:  Maya Lal, NB

Under 18 Girls Singles:  Maya Lal, NB