On Tuesday June 11th Tennis New Brunswick, in partnership with the Sussex Tennis Association, hosted their first Rogers First Set Provincial ‘Try’ Event. Rogers First Set Provincial Try Events provide opportunities to introduce players to tennis and celebrate the sport. These events are designed to promote tennis participation within communities across Canada.

“If kids can come in and have an experience in tennis where it’s fun, it’s safe, they’re playing alot. I feel that that is something that will help us to keep growing that pipeline and hopefully keep more kids in the sport as they hit the teenage years and so on and so forth.”

Eva Harris – Vice-President, Tennis Canada
Video Shot in Sussex, NB

This event had participation from players of all ages and abilities as they explored how easy tennis can be when we adapt the way they learn and play. Coaches Mike Wood, Emma Muir and Steve Wolf took players though ‘learn and play’ activities on various court sizes and ball types as they explored what progressing though a tennis program might look like. For more information on the Rogers First Set Learn & Play Curriculum follow this link – Rogers First Set Learn & Play Curriculum

“It was exciting to see new players experience tennis in an environment where everyone could play at their own level and feel a sense of accomplishment. Rogers First Set is truly a step in the right direction for player development across the country.”

Steve Wolf – Technical Director, Tennis New Brunswick

Rogers First Set Provincial ‘Try’ Events are not just about learning. Rogers First Set helps players identify as tennis players rather than just lesson-takers. This creates a culture around playing the sport and encourages players to see tennis as a fun and exciting activity. All the activities in the program are designed to connect to playing tennis, building the necessary skills and knowledge for players to become confident and competent on the court.
For more information on Rogers First Set and how to get involved: Rogers First Set

Thank you to Ted Robertson, the president of the Sussex Tennis Association. His hard work in growing the game of tennis has led to many successful opportunities for the Sussex Tennis Association. Thank you ‘Chef Ted’ for once again being a great host for this event!