Le Petit Tennis is “The Art of Teaching Tennis with Storytelling!”

How it works

At Le Petit Tennis, children as young as three and a half wait impatiently to fly yellow ducklings over a mountain to find the mother duck. They shout in relief as their duck flies safely above the crocodile lurking at the foot of the mountain. And when their duckling returns, the odyssey begins again.

These children are not engrossed in a Chinese fable or a high tech video game, they are playing tennis, without knowing it. Le Petit Tennis method engages children in role play to teach the game. They create images and stories for the tennis equipment, techniques and boundaries to learn the pillars of the game.

Colorful storybooks and stickers (« My First Tennis Book series ») add excitement and feed youngsters’ imaginations through many educational adventures in a journey across countries and cultures. Keeping playing at home is easy with the « Starter Kit » which regroups all the adapted equipment linked to the stories.


Petit Tennis is the brainchild of former ATP and WTA tennis pros, Jean Philippe and Sybile Fleurian. In 2001, Jean Philippe and his wife Sybile founded Le Petit Tennis with the goal of teaching tennis to young children—and actually crafted the curriculum with sports psychologists, child development specialists and tennis trainers from the French Tennis Federation with their two young daughters in mind.

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