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Revised:  October, 2015

Indoor Junior Atlantics Qualifying

Qualifying for the 2016 Indoor Junior Atlantics will consist of both an indoor circuit (4 spots) and provincial qualifying events (8 spots) to fill a maximum draw size of 12 for each division at the Indoor Atlantics.  Players must play in their 2016 age group.

Indoor Circuit:

The Indoor ATA Circuit will consist of 4 Circuit Events, one to be held in each of the four Provinces and will qualify 4 players in each division directly into Indoor Atlantics.  The winner of each circuit event will qualify automatically.  As with the outdoor circuit, if the same player wins multiple events, the spot(s) will be filled from a point’s race (see details below).  Note that these are closed events for players in Atlantic Canada only.

The following is the schedule of these circuit events for 2015/2016:

Event #1:  November 6-8, 2015:  Prince Edward Island

Event #2:  November 20-22, 2015:  Nova Scotia

Event #3:  December 4-6, 2015:  New Brunswick

Event #4:  January 15-17, 2016:  Newfoundland & Labrador

Registration for the above events is done through the respective Provincial Tennis Association in which the event is being held.  General format, depending on numbers, will be standard draws with consolation.  Provinces have the option to make modifications to the format.

Points Race:

As indicated above, non-winners of a Circuit Event may be eligible for one of the 4 direct entry spots into Indoor Atlantics if there has been a multiple circuit event winner.  A player’s best 2 tournament results will be used to determine standings for a point’s race using the table below.  At the conclusion of the 4 circuit events, the player with the most points may be awarded a spot.  If one or more players are tied, then the below is the process for determining the spot allocation:

  1. Head to head results if played each other at the 4 qualifying events
  2. Rogers Rankings

Points Race Schema for the 4 Atlantic Championship Qualifying/CircuitEvents